Dedicated To All Of My Mommmas Out There

For All Of My Overworked, Underpaid, Unappreciated Mommmas…

This blog, and more specifically this blog post, is for you if you are working mom, a Stay At Home Mom (SAHM), a keeper of children who, day after day, week after week, month after month, looks after children, folds laundry, breastfeeds children, cooks meals, tends to the pets, combs hair, bathes kids, vacuums, sweeps, mops, runs errands, *gasps for air*, mows the lawn, takes out the trash, checks over homework, attends recitals, presides over PTA, without so much as a THANK YOU.


I see you and I THANK YOU. One thousand times over I THANK YOU.

The Duties of A Stay At Home Mom

Wow! Who knew that creating content for my initial blog post would be such an undertaking?! I wanted to publish something that would resonate with my online family of mommmas, invite new people to this space, and make people want to return day after day, week after week.

But how to accomplish such a task? Do I jump right in and share my experience with Baby Blues, or do I keep it light and speak on the joys of motherhood? Just as I was about to hit “publish” on my very first post, I read a comment from someone in my favorite Facebook group for SAHMs. To paraphrase, she, like many other mommmas in that group, are FED UP with their significant others not appreciating the work they do as SAHMs.


I’ll admit it! Before becoming a mother I thought being a SAHM was someone who cooked for the family, kept the clothes washed and folded, took the kids to ballet and soccer practice, made sure the baseboards were dusted, walked the dogs.. you get my point, right? I wasn’t until AFTER I had my son AND my husband went back to work that I had to determine 1.) What it meant to be a mother to my son and 2.) What it meant in MY home to be a SAHM.

Long story short, short story shorter, my role around the house has changed numerous times in the short eight months that I have been a SAHM, and that’s okay.

How To Get The Appreciation You Deserve 

Depending on your partner, getting the outside recognition you deserve can be fairly simple. If your mate is a bit on the stubborn side, then you have one of two options: 1.) Give him/her a taste of their own medicine or 2.) Learn to appreciate yourself without expecting anything in return.

Right around month six or so, I had a sit-down, heart to heart conversation with my husband and we both expressed our frustrations and perspectives. Overnight, it was as if I had Husband & Father 2.0: With Better Cleaning and Diaper Changing Action!! Truth is, my husband did not know that I was feeling unappreciated. What I thought was obvious to him, did not even register on his radar. I guess men aren’t mind-readers after all.

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To my mommmas who don’t have receptive partners, hang in there. Although your child(ren) may not let you know it, they appreciate you. They love you and they need you, and I do too.


Jae Mommma