I Can Dream Again!

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Hallelujah! I can dream again!

And I can dream again because I finally have my bed and room to myself again. Well, not to myself because I haven’t managed to kick my husband out (yet 😉)! But our infant is sleeping in his own crib… eight and a half months later! I never intended for him to sleep with us, I promise, but for a while, we didn’t even have a safe, designated place for him to sleep. Shoot, my husband and I didn’t even have our own place to sleep! That’s another story for another blog post (just had a triggering flashback 😬). Now that we’re settled, we can finally put our son in his OWN BED where he belongs.

baby bed blue blur
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


So what do I mean by “I can dream again”? I can actually sleep, therefore I can actually dream! I’m not up all night making sure Poppy doesn’t roll out of the bed or making sure he doesn’t fall over the side of his Pack ‘N Play. No. Now I have peace of mind knowing that if he rolls over, he’s rolling over in the safety of his crib.

My dreams are actually becoming very quite interesting. Last night I dreamt that I needed some help setting up my e-mail account. There were friends from high school and college and even a police officer who only wanted to eat doughnuts!

Okay, maybe I have some work to do in the dreaming department, but the point is that now I can! I have nothing but opportunity…and space!

Update: Operation Goodnight

Husband and I completely exhausted. Have a headache. One I  get when exhausted. Eyes feel like entire beach was poured into them.

Send help. Send coffee.

It’s been two nights.