I LOVE cannabis…diapers, that is

I absolutely love cannabis, but not in the way that you’re thinking. lovecannabis

More specifically, I love hemp. Let me tell you why, but lemme explain the difference really quick. Cannabis is this glorious plant and from it we get hemp and marijuana. Hemp is most often used to make products such as clothing and lotion, whereas marijuana is used…recreationally or medicinally. There, now you are all caught up. Botany class over.

The first time I saw hemp lotion in the beauty aisle of Wal-Mart I remember thinking, “Oh My Goodness! They’re selling WEED in Wal-Mart!! How is this legal?!!” Then my mom, my maybe it was my dad, explained that the lotion was made with hemp, and not marijuana. To be honest, I didn’t care, nor did I truly understand the difference. I was in middle school and I wanted to be known as the girl with the weed lotion. Such high aspirations, right? I know! Pun DEFINITELY intended.

Shift gears and fast forward some years later, when I really for real committed to cloth diapering (CDing). Very quickly I learned that microfiber was complete trash. Well, maybe not complete trash, but it doesn’t stand up to the test that is my son’s heavy wetting. In fact, microfiber may be perfect for your kiddo(s); it just doesn’t work well for us. I knew I needed something that would absorb hella wetness and not be prone to compression leaks. So I hopped on the Google and into my Facebook Groups and learned that bamboo (a material worthy of discussing in a separate post) and hemp would be more appropriate for us.


As my next move, I hopped on over to Amazon and searched for hemp inserts. However, being the impatient person that I am, I decided that I wanted to buy locally so that I could use the product right away. That’s how I stumbled upon Cotton Babies. I loaded up my youngin’ and we made the million-mile journey to Cotton Babies. How is a million-mile journey local?


Long story short, short story shorter, Melissa at Cotton Babies helped me better understand the intricacies of CDing. From that visit, I purchased two hemp doublers @ $4.95 and one hemp raw silk liner @ $2.95.

When I tell you that I am completely IN LOVE with the hemp doublers, I mean just that! IN LOVE! In fact, just last week, I ordered some CDs from Cloud Cloth Diapers as well as a hemp insert; I can’t wait to try the hemp insert! If doublers can steal my heart, then I know for sure that inserts will do the same. I’ll keep you posted!

In an upcoming post and/or YouTube video, I am going to review Cotton Babies, Cloud Cloth Diapers, as well as the various types of inserts. If you’re new to CDing, check out my beginner’s guide here!

No part of this post was sponsored.