Creative Uses for Everyday Items

Parenthood is all about ingenuity and creative problem-solving. I can’t recall how many times I’ve had to use a product outside of its intended purpose to avoid a crisis. This post is all about that! I want to share some common household items and their unconventional uses.

  1. BPA-free Silicone Straws = Teethers

The first items are BPA-free silicone straws! Not only are they an excellent, eco-friendly alternative to plastic straws, 🌍♻️ they’ve been LIFESAVERS for our teething son!! These straws come with cute, little carrying cases, perfect for packing in the diaper bag and a straw brush to ensure a deep clean.

Be sure to click the image or click this link ( to purchase!

2. Apple Watch = Baby Monitor

For the next item, I present an #AppleWatch⌚️Not only is it great for counting your steps, monitoring your heart rate ♥️, or sending emojis, it also makes for a perfect, makeshift baby monitor, when used with an iPhone. 📱

To set up your makeshift monitor:
1. Prop up your iPhone so it’s facing your baby
2. Open the camera app on the Apple Watch
3. Makeshift baby monitor!

Use this link to purchase a Series 3 Apple Watch ( or a Series 4 (


3. Shoe Rack = Bookshelf

I am sooo thankful for Poppy’s ever-growing book collection, 📚 but we quickly ran out of space to store them all!! What a great problem to have! Thankfully, an old shoe rack (or if you’re like me, a shoe rack with way too many shoes) makes for the perfect bookshelf! This one is bamboo, stackable, and only $26! Purchase yours by clicking the picture or using the link here:

Check back often for more great finds.

This post contains affiliate links. I receive a small commission from each purchase at no additional cost to you. I don’t receive ANY of your personal information and all transactions are conducted through

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