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Have you read the book about hands? It’s a real page turner.

I’ve finally achieved a reading/listening goal! 🎉 In 2017, my New Year’s Resolution for 2018 was to complete at least 12 books. By the time December 2018 rolled around, I had only completed eight books, but I was determined to do better in 2019.

For 2019, the goal was to read or listen to 13 books, and I did that, with a few days to spare, which means I have time to squeeze in one more!

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Of the books I read this year, my top three recommendations are, “We’re Going to Need More Wine” by Gabrielle Union, “Born a Crime” by Trevor Noah, and “Free Cyntoia” by Cyntoia Brown-Long. I’m partial to memoirs and autobiographies if you couldn’t tell! 😝I also feel the need to mention that I started, stopped, and restarted 1984, but only managed to get halfway through. I’m not sure if it was because I already knew the outcome or because there were many parts of the book that seemed to lacked value or storyline progression. Either way, I didn’t finish it in high nor did I finish it in 2019. Maybe in 2020? 

In order from the greatest emotional impact to the least, I present to you my 2019 reading review!

  1. We’re Going to Need More Wine x Gabrielle Union (audio)
    • I listed this as numero uno because it felt “right on time.” Gabrielle Union spoke about the realities of following your dreams, being Black in America, and raising Black sons.
  2. Born a Crime x Trevor Noah (hybrid read)
    • This is my number two choice because I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN, literally. I read it in 25 hours. I STAN Trevor Noah, so maybe I’m a little biased; however, listening to his stories allowed me to connect with him that much more. I HIGHLY recommend listening to the audio of Born a Crime because simply reading the physical copy doesn’t do it justice.
  3. Free Cyntoia x Cyntoia Brown-Long (audio)
    • “Free Cyntoia” secured the spot at number three because it was the ultimate redemption story! From the beginning, the odds were stacked against her, but Mrs. Brown-Long overcame every obstacle put in her way. ANNNNDDD it’s lowkey a love story. ❤️
  4. Black Privilege x Charlamagne tha God (audio)
    • This book would be a really great gift for any entrepreneur.
  5. Hey Lil’ Black Girl… It’s Your World x Fredrecka McGlown (physical)
    • Perfect of any millennial Black woman.
  6. Little Fires Everywhere x Celeste Ng (hybrid)
    • The ending. Whew!
  7. Where’d You Go Bernadette x Maria Semple (hybrid)
    • Any and all SAHM can relate perfectly with this one!
  8. Animal Farm x George Orwell (hybrid)
    • I read this one in high school, but I wondered if my perspective would have changed. The only thing that changed is the fact that Animal Farm is more accurate than ever!
  9. The Hate U Give x Angie Thomas (hybrid)
    • I really enjoyed this one, but reading about Black men and boys being gunned down is EXHAUSTING!
  10. If Beale Street Could Talk x James Baldwin (audio)
    • See number nine, but this time instead of being killed, he was falsely accused and imprisoned.
  11. Girl, Wash Your Face x Rachel Hollis (audio)
    • I enjoyed reading this, about as much as I enjoyed my number 12 read. My biggest issue with this self-help book was the privileged perspective through which the guide was written. That’s all I’ll say on the topic…
  12. Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck x Mark Manson (audio)
    • If I’m being honest, I only read this one because of all of the hype surrounding it. I’m sure it was helpful for some readers, but if you already have a f*ck it attitude, then this was a redundant read.
  13. Crazy Rich Asians x Kevin Kwan (hybrid)
    • I really enjoyed this story and it was nice to be dropped into the life of the rich and well-connected every time I picked up this book. It landed at number 13 simply because it didn’t move me like the other titles. I’d still 8/10 recommend.

What was your favorite book of 2019? What moved you or changed your way of thinking? Let me know!


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