I’m Excited About My Period!

“I’m so looking forward to getting my period this month!” -No one, ever. Well, actually, that was me this. Yes, I’ll be the first to admit it. I actually looked forward to Aunt Flo’s visit this month, but not for obvious reasons. …Obvious reasons?? This month was the month I tried a period cup or a menstrual cup and naturally, I want to tell you all about it! This post does not contain any pictures of blood, but it does contain a whole lotta TMI!

person holding a blue empty silicon menstrual cup

I want to continue by sharing that I’m not typically a tampon user, so the idea of using a menstrual cup was a little offputting. I experienced leaks and discomfort with tampons and assumed that the cup would be similar. However, I constantly heard great things about the cup and thought I’d finally give it a try.

Pre-period Prep

I started my menstrual cup journey by consuming all of the videos and blog posts I could find on cups. I spoke with friends, I stalked message boards, you name it. On my journey, I came across this cute little quiz that helps match your vag to a cup. My results yielded the regular, Ocean Blue, Saalt cup and so the Saalt cup I bought.

I took this quiz a few months ago, placed it in my Amazon cart and just left it there. When I first heard about cups a few years ago, they were $15-20, so the $28 for the Saalt was baffling. It wasn’t until this month, March 2020, that I made my purchase. Now, I’m not sure if it’s the ‘Rona or what, but I ended up paying THIRTY-TWO DOLLARS for my cup. To know me is to know that I’m miserly, but the sustainability aspect of the cup ultimately led to my purchase.

pink menstrual cup in box

Period Party 🩸

As I checked out, my male cashier asked, “Oh cool. What’s this?” Me, as nonchalant as ever, “A menstrual cup.”

Ben: Oh. *obviously disconcerted*
Me: No, it’s cool. 
Ben: I just saw “Saalt” and was curious.
Me: I’ve been hearing a lot about them and wanted to give it a try. I took a quiz and the results said this cup would be a good fit! I literally just caught the pun right now, at this very moment.
Ben: I hope it works out.
Me: Yeah me too, since I don’t think I’ll be able to return it! 

Days 1 & 2

I thought I lost the cup in me. What an excellent start. I knew there was only one way in and out, but still… For the remainder of this post, my experience will be summed up mostly in bullet points! Enjoy!

  • It’s day one and my flow is super light. I have my cup inserted and Thinx period panties on! I’m ready to rock!
  • The cup doesn’t have to be inserted as far up as a tampon, but it does move up when you stand up, at least it did for me
  • I’d like to think that I’m especially acquainted with my vagina, but I thought I had a growth in my vagina the first time I went to remove my cup. Thankfully, it was just the tip of the stem of the cup
  • It took me about 3 minutes to get it out the first time and it helped to bear down to remove it
  • Sitting down to remove the cup was more helpful than standing up

Day 3

  • My enthusiasm has been greatly reduced because I woke up this morning to my cup leaking! Thankful for my period panties.
  • I read about the causes of leaks and decided to insert my cup differently
  • With this new insertion method in place (again, a pun) I now feel the cup. I’m feeling pressure at the base of my vagina and it’s slightly uncomfortable
  • Having a bowel movement provided some pressure relief
  • From about 10am to 5pm I had no leakage. Big Yay! I did, however, supplement the cup with a pad
  • Around 6pm, I noticed some (cup) leakage, but overall it was a good day. I experienced little to no discomfort
  • An immediate con: Having to lean over the side of the sink to wash the cup is nettlesome, to say the least, but blessed to be able to do it
  • I dropped the cup in the toilet *major facepalm*

Day 4

  • Not too much has changed from day 3
  • I changed my cup this afternoon and saw that I was still leaking significantly although I thought I placed the cup correctly *eye roll* 🙄
  • Included in the packaging, I wish there was a small cloth I could place my cup on after I’ve washed it, while I clean myself, but before reinserting the cup. I use toilet paper, which does the job
  • I’m not feeling any pressure or discomfort, which is good, but I need to figure out how to stop leaking. I thought I figured it out early on in Day 3, but I guess not
  • I also wonder if the constant retrieval and insertion of the cup are stretching my vaginal muscles. My thought is yes, so Kegels are a must!
  • I’m still not completely used to the cup popping into place or popping when I pull it out, but it’s less of a shock
  • It’s amazing at how much blood is actually lost during menstruation, which isn’t that much
  • I’m learning that it’s best for me to rinse my cup every eight hours. There’s comfort in knowing I can go up to 12 hours if necessary!

Days 5 & 6

  • I didn’t use the cup for two reasons: I got really tired of digging in my vagina and my flow is pretty light the last few days. To be clear, I never had to dig for my cup, but I did have to insert my fingers to wiggle out the cup. I got tired of that.
  • Today, day five, I rinsed my cup with 50% isopropyl alcohol and then boiled it for five minutes, per the instructions


Day 7/Wrap-up

Overall, considering my prior experience with feminine products and being a first-time cup user, I’m not in love with it, yet. Although I never experienced any pain, I did experience some discomfort at several points. I would like to try a different cup, one with a less rigid rim to figure out if that was a contributing factor.

I did appreciate the peace of mind the cup gave me, especially while sleeping. With my cup+pad combo, I slept like a baby knowing that no blood would end up on my sheets. I wouldn’t have to wake up in the middle of the night to change my pad. I typically don’t leak through my pads, but it’s only because I alter my sleeping and other behaviors.

I’d rate the Saalt cup a 7/10. A seven out of ten is considered to be passing, meaning I’ll likely use the cup again next month, but there’s definitely some learning to do!

WATCH THIS Before Switching to a #MenstrualCup

I was not sponsored or compensated in any way for this post.

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