Stories by Lovester Posey

Lovester Posey


Thanks for stopping by. I got into writing children’s books because our son is developing his vocabulary and I would like him to know more than the English language. I am currently learning Spanish and it is something I wish I was exposed to at a young age, but it is never too late to learn. We frequently get books from the library for our son, and I saw that the selection for English and Spanish translation books was limited. So, the stories i write are translated to Spanish so as he grows and reads we both can learn Spanish.

Animal Faces : Caras de Animales

This was my first book. I wrote this because I want our son to become know at least two languages. I always drew these animal faces in my free time. Then one day it hit me to let him use these images to help him learn the language. After a few days of reading this we went to the zoo, and I felt overjoyed when our son was naming animals in English and Spanish.

Hansel and Gretel : Hansel y Gretel

Hansel and Gretel is a classic fairytale of a brother and sister leaving a trail of breadcrumbs to try to get home, but after seeing the breadcrumbs get eaten they roam the forest until they are captured by a witch! Will they ever get back home to their father??

Handwriting Practice Book

Our son is growing bigger each day and learning constantly. He is starting to pick up the pencil and show us his artistic side. To help develop his dexterity, I created this handwriting book. In it you will find letters, words, numbers, and shapes. It was important to me that he saw words that were important to our culture, so, I included words such as Tuskegee, and Kwanzaa. Each section also starts with an inspiring quote for a little encouragement.