Montessori ABCs

Can you believe that we’ve been stuck inside for almost five months? I can’t believe it either. Aside from possibly contracting the virus, there are millions of other things that have been consuming my thoughts. The main thought that keeps me up at night is my son’s development –mental, social, emotional, psychological, etc. But this is nothing new.

little brothers using laptop on bed

I also wonder if our days are filled with enough stimulating activities. So, instead of wondering, I decided to do something about! I’ve put my creativity (and very expensive Master’s degree) to work and created Montessori Toddler ABC Conversation Starters!

This is just part one in a series of homeschooling resources I plan to create. If you like this product and would like to see more, just drop me a comment! I can also accept CashApp payments if that’s easier for you. Email me at and I’ll get the file to you!

As always, thank you for your support!