Flats and Hand-washing Cloth Diaper Challenge

Going into this challenge, I thought that it was going to be a piece of cake. How hard could it be to use and hand-wash flats for seven days? I mean, we basically do that anyway. WRONG! We do not basically do that and this challenge is proving to be extremely challenging. The whole idea behind this challenge is to bring about diaper disparity awareness. The rules: 1. The use of a modern, electric washing machine and dryer are prohibited. 2. Only flat style diapers, other household/makeshift materials, and covers* may be used. Doublers are permitted, but materials that can be used alone (hemp inserts, microfiber inserts, etc.) are not. 

Poppy Plunger Washer

*pockets can be used with flats only. For a complete list of rules, visit Cloth Diaper Revival. Continue reading “Flats and Hand-washing Cloth Diaper Challenge”

How to Bleach Soak/Sanitize Used/Preloved Cloth Diapers

In this video I show you how I sanitize my used/preloved diapers using the “bleach soak” method. It’s a great idea to sanitize used/preloved diapers to kill any lingering bacteria. This method is also good for removing stink (bacteria) as a result of an ineffective wash routine.