woman holding a red flower in a menstrual cup at waist level

I’m Excited About My Period!

“I’m so looking forward to getting my period this month!” -No one, ever. Well, actually, that was me this. Yes, I’ll be the first to admit it. I actually looked forward to Aunt Flo’s visit this month, but not for obvious reasons. …Obvious reasons?? This month was the month I tried a period cup or a menstrual cup and naturally, I want to tell you all about it! This post does not contain any pictures of blood, but it does contain a whole lotta TMI! Continue reading “I’m Excited About My Period!”

[Podcast] Beginner’s Guide To Cloth Diapers

After a month hiatus, The Jae Mommma Podcast* Name Pending is back with an episode all about cloth diapers (CD)! This is everything you need to know to get you started on your CDing journey!


The Jae Mommma Podcast-2

Cloth Diaper Wash Routine

My most recent obsession is cloth diapering! Gah! I looove cloth diapers. I originally began to cloth diaper for one reason: to save the planet. Once I got into it, I mean really got going, I stuck around for the prints. I mean you can literally have anything printed on a diaper: Black Lives Matter, UFOs, Harry Potter, 2Pac, tacos, you name it!

The cloth diapers of today are not the cloth diapers that your mommma or grandmommma used back in the day. Although you can opt to use the more traditional style (flats and/or prefolds) there are so many more “user friendly” options available today. I prefer pockets and covers.

So what’s the major difference between disposables and cloth? Cloth can be washed and reused for years and years. WAAASHED? REUUUSED? Yes, but it’s not nearly as gross nor as burdensome as you may think.

If you have no idea where to start with your wash routine, check out the video below! If you still have questions, feel free to leave a comment or send me an email; I love helping other mommmas live their best lives!

Storing dirty diapers: 1:54
Prepping diapers For washing: 2:37
Pre-wash: 4:30
Main wash: 5:50
Drying: 7:15