How to Create a Montessori Nursery

As I was scrolling down my Facebook feed, as I so often do, a series of pictures caught my eye. And to make matters 1,000 times better, the pictures were baby themed (not exactly helping my baby fever!). Cassidy, a former co-worker and friend, shared with us photos of her Montessori-inspired nursery.

I was familiar with the Montessori teachings and I was 100% up to speed to nurseries, but I wasn’t entirely sure how a nursery could be “Montessori”, so to speak. So, I got to Googling. In short, a true Montessori nursery is a baby’s room that is set up with child-safe and child-centric furniture and decorations. Everything in the room should be safe and accessible to the child. This encourages autonomy and fosters a child’s natural love of learning and curiosity.

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Below are some pictures of Cassidy’s super cute, Montessori-inspired nursery!

montessori nurseryIMG_2471montessori nurseryIMG_2469montessori nurseryIMG_2467It was Dr. Montessri’s belief that children can and will teach themselves if given the opportunity. To foster learning, creativity, and independence, children should be free to move about in a “prepared environment”, in which the children freely choose from a number of developmentally appropriate activities. That being said, you can turn any space in your home into a Montessori space!

This approach can take some time and dedication to implement, but with lots of creativity, a few Google searches, and lots of patience, you too can create a Montessori-inspired nursery for your little one! Just remember, no amount of baby-proofing can substitute a responsible, attentive care provider!

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