A New Perspective On Motherhood

I 100% believe in the power of the mind. It has the ability to create and destroy, manifest and mask. Just recently I realized that my thoughts started to warp how I viewed my decision to be a SAHM: “If I had a nanny I could..”, “If my son would just…”, “If I worked outside of the home then maybe…”. But I had to take a step back and appreciate all that staying home has brought into my life. Then, no lie, a few days later I came across this post in a mom group: Continue reading “A New Perspective On Motherhood”

I Don’t Have All of The Answers

Who’s your favorite musical artist? Mine? Y’all, I love me some Erykah Badu. She may not be my favorite artist, per se, but I loove her vibe and her music is sure to put me in the right frame of mind. Continue reading “I Don’t Have All of The Answers”