Coffee Talks: Potty Training Positivity

With two toddlers running around, potty training and positivity are not two words that I have felt meshed together lately. However, it’s a new year, …

Coffee Talks: Potty Training Positivity
woman gasping with We're Out Of Toilet Paper text

What To Do When The Toilet Paper’s Gone?

Are you like the millions of people currently rationing toilet paper? Are you, too, down to your last rolls of the all-important bathroom tissue? Fret not because I’ve got you with this two-part series. Watch the vids for more info!

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We're Out of Toilet Paper thumbnailClick here for some Great Toilet Paper Alternatives

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Click here to learn How to Make Reusable Bathroom Wipes

How to Make Reusable Bathroom Wipes thumbnail

woman holding a red flower in a menstrual cup at waist level

I’m Excited About My Period!

“I’m so looking forward to getting my period this month!” -No one, ever. Well, actually, that was me this. Yes, I’ll be the first to admit it. I actually looked forward to Aunt Flo’s visit this month, but not for obvious reasons. …Obvious reasons?? This month was the month I tried a period cup or a menstrual cup and naturally, I want to tell you all about it! This post does not contain any pictures of blood, but it does contain a whole lotta TMI! Continue reading “I’m Excited About My Period!”

Creative Uses for Everyday Items

Parenthood is all about ingenuity and creative problem-solving. I can’t recall how many times I’ve had to use a product outside of its intended purpose to avoid a crisis. This post is all about that! I want to share some common household items and their unconventional uses.

  1. BPA-free Silicone Straws = Teethers

The first items are BPA-free silicone straws! Not only are they an excellent, eco-friendly alternative to plastic straws, 🌍♻️ they’ve been LIFESAVERS for our teething son!! These straws come with cute, little carrying cases, perfect for packing in the diaper bag and a straw brush to ensure a deep clean.

Be sure to click the image or click this link ( to purchase!

2. Apple Watch = Baby Monitor

For the next item, I present an #AppleWatch⌚️Not only is it great for counting your steps, monitoring your heart rate ♥️, or sending emojis, it also makes for a perfect, makeshift baby monitor, when used with an iPhone. 📱

To set up your makeshift monitor:
1. Prop up your iPhone so it’s facing your baby
2. Open the camera app on the Apple Watch
3. Makeshift baby monitor!

Use this link to purchase a Series 3 Apple Watch ( or a Series 4 (


3. Shoe Rack = Bookshelf

I am sooo thankful for Poppy’s ever-growing book collection, 📚 but we quickly ran out of space to store them all!! What a great problem to have! Thankfully, an old shoe rack (or if you’re like me, a shoe rack with way too many shoes) makes for the perfect bookshelf! This one is bamboo, stackable, and only $26! Purchase yours by clicking the picture or using the link here:

Check back often for more great finds.

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